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Econo Rooter Plumber Jacksonville specialties: Clogged drain cleared, leaky faucets. Replace or repair water heaters, install or replace new toilets or sinks or toilets. Garbage disposal repair or replace. Print out the special at the top of the page when you first call us and save $10 (We accept cash or check only). Ask us about our other specials.

Rated A+ by BBB Jacksonville, FL

A+ Rating with BBB

Drain cleaning in is best left to professionals. While it may be tempting to buy over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners, it is usually a bad idea. Chemical cleaners damage pipes and plumbing systems. And most frustrating of all they may not destroy the heart of the clog in question. So if you have a clogged drain, telephone: 904-727-7008 Econo Rooter Plumber of Jacksonville.

Covid-19 Update

With the widespread concerns of COVID-19, we at understand keeping your home’s plumbing system in peak operating condition is paramount for protecting your family.

Our customer’s health & safety is job one. Providing clean water in your home & proper disposal of wastes is key!

We keep our workers safe so that we in turn may keep you safe. (Jacksonville) has implemented procedures to keep our plumbing team alert, healthy & safe, to prepare them for keeping you safe & secure.

• Service team members wear protective gloves masks & protective garb.

• Our equipment & trucks are cleaned regularly.

• Our Quality Control team stays current with Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommendations.

If you have special requests, please don’t hesitate to communicate with our Customer Service team ahead of scheduled service.

Please add these additional simple preventative measures to your procedures.

• Wash hands often with soap & water for at least 20 seconds after bathroom use, before eating & after blowing nose, coughing or sneezing. .

• Cover all coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then properly dispose of the tissue in the trash.

• Be sure to clean & disinfect frequently touched objects or surfaces by using a household cleaning spray.

For additional information about preventing illness, go to the CDC Website.

Call (904) 744-7283 to set your appointment.

Need a plumber? Do you have a broken pipe, leaky faucet or troubling water heater?

Time is of the essence. The sooner you act, the less potential damage you can be doing to your home or property. Econo Rooter Jacksonville plumbers will get your broken pipe fixed, and find a solution for whatever water damage you may experience.

Foul odors or a constantly slow drain could be the sign of a bigger problem. Call for a professional. Drainage problems only get worse by delaying the problem. We can clear up your plumbing problem FAST! And safely without harsh chemicals.

A leaky faucet may seem like a small thing, but that drip, drip, drip may be costing you big money every time the water bill comes. Small drips can mean big dollars. One call can change all that.

Jacksonville Plumbing

Our professional plumbing service, competitive pricing, and overall value are why our loyal customers won’t go anywhere else. Our family owned company has served the city of Jacksonville, FL for over 40 years.


Fixing pipes

Pipes that bang loudly could be a major issue. Sinks with rust stains or moisture on your walls and floors are also signs of larger problems. A service call today can save you big tomorrow.


Water heaters

Problems with little or no heat in your hot water are often a simple fix and an affordable one. You may simply need a new heating element. Leave it to us.


Toilet repair

The one place you don't want a your toilet. If the seal fails, water leaking underneath the toilet base will eventually rot the floor. A small fix today beats a big bill in the future.

$30 OFF Plumbing Jacksonville
$30 OFF 2 Plumbing Jacksonville
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Call Econo Rooter Plumbers of Jacksonville for repair and replacement services for all your home plumbing needs. Whether a faucet leaks, your water heater is on the fritz or your drain needs cleaning, depend upon us to get it fixed so you and your family remain safe, dry and comfortable . We have provided Jacksonville with comprehensive drain cleaning, bathroom remodeling, and plumbing services for over 40 years . We are family owned and fully licensed, bonded and insured. And to top it all off Econo Rooter Plumbing of Jacksonville offers exceptional service and competitive prices. (We accept cash or check only).

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We Are Hiring!  Econo Rooter is looking for Plumbers and Trainees.  We are also hiring Office and Dispatch workers.  Apply 9020 Cocoa Avenue Jacksonville 8am – 11am.  No phone calls please.

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